Safety standards


Grupa MTP pays special attention to the global coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, Grupa MTP is in constant contact with the national sanitary and medical services, strictly following their recommendations. With the utmost care we keep track of the messages published by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) and we operate in accordance with the provided procedures.

How do we care for safety at the MTP Poznań Expo?

High safety standards in every area, including medical care, fire protection, and personal safety, have always been our priorities. However, considering the current situation, we have taken extraordinary precautions for the upcoming edition of the trade fair.

Regardless of the type of event, we ensure that each of our participants will feel really comfortable on the premises of the MTP Poznań Expo. During our fair events, we offer our guests medical care and take care of their personal safety. We also meet the highest fire protection standards.

As the Grupa MTP, we work in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. Out of concern for the safety of our exhibitors and visitors, we have taken a number of actions:

  • We ensure the appropriate distance between participants of the events. It is possible thanks to the large area of the Fair (150000 square meters). However, temporary restrictions regarding the number of people staying at one place and at the same time may apply.
  • Before entering, all participants, both exhibitors, and visitors fill in an epidemiological questionnaire. It can also be filled in online (the document on the event’s website).
  • We make sure that each of our participants has their mouth and nose covered indoors, except for eating houses. We also recommend wearing masks outdoors while being in a large group of people.
  • Every person entering or leaving the premises of the Fair is obliged to disinfect their hands.
  • In order to limit the number of contacts between the participants of our events and workers of Grupa MTP, we only sell tickets online.

Every trade fair event has appropriate medical protection and every facility is cleaned regularly. We approach the disinfection of door handles, handrails, and toilets with great care - the cleaning is carried out even several times a day. There are many dispensers with disinfectant liquid and instructions regarding proper handwashing on the premises of the MTP Poznań Expo.

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