Polish joinery manufacturers ready for new orders.


We talk with Janusz Komurkiewicz, President of the Polish Windows and Doors Association about the current situation on the construction joinery market and plans for the coming months.

What is the current export readiness of Polish producers and their ability to fulfil potential new orders from abroad?

In 2020, Polish manufacturers from the joinery industry forecasted slight, but further increases compared to previous years, which was confirmed in the middle of the first quarter. Therefore, companies were preparing for greater production and an increase in orders.

The effects of these actions have not been excluded by a pandemic situation. This means that despite problems with supply and absence of employees, which lasted two months, Polish companies are ready to achieve their production goals. The aspiration for many entrepreneurs is to defend the predicted results at the end of 2020. The epidemic and the shadow of the crisis we all had reckoned, resulted in goals becoming a bigger challenge, yet still possible to achieve.

As of today, the dynamics of changes depends to a large extent on the process of defrosting the economy. We all count on the gradual opening of borders and a return to a normal mode of operation of supply chains. Both entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations are consolidating actions to combat the effects of the economic crisis, save jobs and protect entrepreneurs. This multidimensional cooperation allows us to look into the future with optimism in the context of maintaining the position of export leader of joinery products.


Do sanitary restrictions regarding the transport of goods (windows, doors, gates, etc.) limit the export possibilities of Polish joinery both within the EU and outside the EU?

Polish carriers, which are largely supported by Polish producers in the distribution of goods to the EU and outside of it, want and work as much as the regulations allow. The same is true for own transport. Here you should give respect to Polish drivers who show great courage nowadays.

All countries are aware that the flow of goods is one of the most important factors affecting the economy, which is why they improve security processes and procedures at borders rapidly. However, it must be acknowledged that there are no consistent rules regarding sanitary restrictions in individual countries. There are also no special restrictions regarding the transport of joinery. Transport operates by carrying out orders, which allows maintaining the distribution of finished products and smooth delivery of raw materials for their production.

During a pandemic, any information that will facilitate the execution of the order and minimize the risk of unnecessary contacts with other people and delays in delivery, as well as ensure smooth passage through countries particularly affected by infections, is very important. Insight into information - such as increased traffic congestion and long travel times - allows the driver and the carrier to decide on a change of route on an ongoing basis, which has an impact on the safety and profitability of transport. That is why transport companies are introducing modern technologies and telematics systems, which are the future of road transport supporting both drivers and forwarders, logistics and carriers in real-time.


Janusz Komurkiewicz

President of the Polish Windows and Doors Association


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