Mini Crane Operator Challenge for the second time at the BUDMA fair!


During this year's edition of the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, the second edition of the Mini Crane Operator Challenge will take place. The event in an attractive formula shows the versatility and impressive performance of mini cranes, and also allows operators to test themselves against their colleagues.

This year's BUDMA fair will be held in Poznań from January 30 to February 2. This largest construction industry event in Poland is also a great place to learn about the latest technical achievements of machines and devices. It is certainly worth exploring the possibilities offered by mini cranes, which, although systematically gaining in popularity, are still underestimated by many. Especially since, just like last year, you will also be able to see them live during dynamic shows accompanying the Mini Crane Operator Challenge competition.

- The aim of the competition is to show in an attractive formula that mini cranes are not toys, but efficient machines that are irreplaceable in many situations and help contractors to safely and quickly implement investments. Last year's edition showed the precision with which these machines can perform even very complex tasks. There will also be no shortage of them this year, and the prepared competitions will be very spectacular and require great efficiency from the operators - encourages Jędrzej Lewandowski from leveremyto.pl, the competition partner.



This year, a mini crane from Hoeflon will be used in the competition. The machines of this manufacturer are multifunctional, solid and easy to use cranes that have enjoyed an excellent reputation among entrepreneurs from all over the world for years. These innovative, small-sized cranes are ideal for performing heavy construction work in hard-to-reach places. They are able to carry heavy loads with relatively low pressure of the machine on the ground, so they can be used on virtually any terrain. Used in various types of construction work and in the transport of materials, they can move or lift loads heavier than their own weight. They can be used to install glass, position structural elements or move heavy prefabricated elements. Thanks to their relatively small size and weight, they are a great alternative to traditional large-scale cranes. They can easily fit in a construction elevator or in the back of a delivery truck. The low pressure of the machine on the ground allows it to be used in muddy terrain or in rooms with a delicate, susceptible to damage floor.

- For the next edition of the Mini Crane Operator Challenge, we will provide a multi-functional Hoeflon C6e mini crane. It seems to me that since the machine is ideal for construction work, it will also fairly verify the participants' skills. Our offer includes 4 other models, including the innovative C30e pick & carry crane. It is a full-fledged, compact machine with the ability to lift material to a height of 22 meters and can carry materials weighing two tons - says Jakub Mielniczek, owner of Abuk, distributor of Hoeflon mini cranes.

Let us add that the parameters of the Hoeflon C6 E model can also be impressive. Despite its inconspicuous dimensions (3.14x0.75x1.3.14x0.75x1.95 m), the machine has a reach of 16 meters when unfolded and can transport loads weighing over 600 kg to this height. Its big advantage is also its low curb weight, which together with the trailer does not exceed 3.5 tons.

- Mini Crane Operator Challenge is an event under the patronage of the Operator Champions League website and THE TOOLS quarterly. This is the second edition, and the first edition already showed how attractive this formula of presenting machines is. This was evidenced by numerous viewers and the favorable opinions we received. This year will be even better, because we have prepared many spectacular competitions, and attractive prizes await the best ones. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the BUDMA fair and the place of competition, which will be the Operators' Champions League zone in hall no. 6 - invites Jakub Gosk, the organizer of the competition.

The zone's partners are: TARGI BUDMA, ABUK, HOEFLON, DŹWIGNIEMY.TO and IMS24