Gold Medal of the MTP Group: Exceptional awards for innovations in construction


The MTP Group Gold Medal is a prestigious distinction that honors the most innovative products and solutions in the construction industry. Organized by the Poznań International Fair, the competition is a unique platform on which the latest achievements of companies related to the construction sector are presented. This year, the Competition Jury chaired by prof. Ph.D. engineer Józef Jasiczak awarded 18 products submitted by BUDMA exhibitors and 2 products from Intermasz exhibitors.

What are the benefits of receiving the MTP Group Gold Medal:

Promotion of innovation: The Gold Medal is a symbol for companies that make a significant contribution to the development of the industry. This distinction is awarded to products that set new standards of efficiency, durability and functionality in construction.

Enterprise support: The award not only honors innovation, but also provides companies with an invaluable opportunity to promote their products nationally and internationally. This is an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of potential business partners and customers.

Recognized industry jury: decisions on awarding prizes are made by a competition jury composed of industry experts, architects, engineers and representatives of the scientific community. This guarantees a fair assessment and high standard of the awarded products.

BUDMA fair as a presentation platform: winners have the opportunity to present their innovations during the BUDMA fair, which enables direct contact with potential customers, business partners and industry specialists.


List of winners of the MTP Group Gold Medal for the BUDMA 2024 

1. MAX Twintier RB401T-E stand up rebar tying tool


Applications: road and bridge construction, foundations, retention reservoirs and sewage treatment plants, commercial buildings.  Maximum range of the sum of diameters of tied bars: 40mm (20x20, 32x8, 16x12, 16x16 etc.). Features: double wire feeding mechanism reduces operation time and increases productivity; cost savings are provided by matching the amount of wire to the size of the rods; up to 5,000 ties from one battery charge and over 260 ties from one roll.


2. BOSMAN - universal foam glue

SIL-CHEM Sp. z o.o. / OD A DO Z S.A.

BOSMAN FOAM GLUE is extremely versatile and ready to use in just 1-2 minutes! There are two versions available - discharged with a gun or hose. The glue may be used for OSB/drywall/steps, window sills or decorative elements.  It is also suitable for building internal walls and gluing tiles/XPS/EPS or graphite polystyrene. It can be used to seal connections between sewage rings, manholes, shafts, channels and prefabricated elements in building structures.


3. Evercrete Vetrofluid

Ecobeton Europe SRL / KENSINGTON GREEN Sp. z o.o.

Evercrete Vetrofluid® is a universal concrete deep penetrating sealer. Environmentally friendly and easy to use. Properties of Vetrofluid penetrating sealer: guarantees permanent waterproofing of concrete even with negative pressure up to 10 atm, provides the concrete with an extraordinary resistance to freezing and thawing cycles, completely blocks carbonization and penetration of chlorides, completely protects reinforcing bars against corrosion, it is certified for contact with drinking water, provides concrete with excellent resistance to chemical attacks, when applied to the foundation, it blocks rising damp, eliminating the need of treatment of fresh concrete. Applying Evercrete Vetrofluid® to fresh concrete prevents cracks during curing and eliminates the need to moisten/cover the maturing concrete.


4. Hygrosmart

Alchimica S.A.

Hygrosmart Fix&Finish is a PCC (polymer-cement concrete) mortar intended for structural repairs of concrete and smoothing concrete surfaces. It has high technical parameters (class R4), ensuring the ability to easily create a layer up to 40 mm thick in one go. It is suitable for a wide range of renovation works, providing an aesthetic and very durable result. It is a quick-setting mortar, which ensures fast repair works on concrete and accelerates subsequent stages of the construction project.



ISO-Chemie GmbH

ISO-TOP BASE is a thermally insulating foundation system profile used with variable, modular construction height for thermally optimized insulation of building elements from the ground. Its pressure resistance and material density make the profile suitable for use under large, heavy windows and sliding doors. The modular latching system enables a profiled connection of the foundation with the frame and an individual installation height through the combination of ISO-TOP BASE P and ISO-TOP BASE H.


6. Ko 120 105 OTTIMO service case – ALUMINUM PROFILES

OTTIMO SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Our advanced system for repairing damage in aluminium joinery is currently enjoying growing interest and has the prospect of long-term use and dynamic development. Aluminium joinery is increasingly popular as a key solution in various applications of the construction industry. OTTIMO SYSTEMS is monitoring trends in the entire industry and undertakes to fully meet current demands with its products. Our advantages include also training courses conducted by our technologists, who share their knowledge on repairing aluminium products. The training may take place both on company premises and in our specially adapted training rooms. In this way, we provide comprehensive education, supporting our customers in fully exploiting the potential of our products.



Elastotet S.A. / Canada Rubber Polska Sp. z o.o.

Lastoflex ST is a liquid silicone coating. This is a modern and innovative product for the surface waterproofing industry. Compared to liquid isolation products available on the market, it has the greatest number of advantages, both chemically, physically and in application. The product is vapour-permeable, does not require primer, is applied in one layer (all other membranes must be applied in two layers) and resistant to UV and ageing. Excellent elastic properties even at very low temperatures (-40 °C). Perfect crack bridging properties. Excellent thermal resistance. The membrane does not become soft or sticky at high temperatures (+80 °C). Zero chalking effect. The white colour of the membrane is the reason for classifying it into the 'cold roof' group (SRI 0.88), which means that it strongly reflects solar radiation and does not heat the surface on which it is applied. To sum up, Lastoflex ST is a product that can definitely speed up the work of contractors, providing in return a membrane with a 25-year service life and a long guaranteed period of full waterproofing.


8. Solid roof panel

Sodra / SODRA POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Scandinavian solid roof panels are intended for roof formwork. It is an innovative product on our market, characterized by high quality and durability. Thanks to its unification, lightness, surface smoothness and natural strength of sawn timber this solution significantly speeds up the process of installing panels on the roof covering, reducing costs. The double-sided planing process makes the panels less susceptible to fungi and, above all, to the potential spread of fire.




Toscana bioclimatic pergola - year-round protection against harmful weather conditions. Protect selected places of your terrace, garden or balcony against sun, rain, wind and even snow. Atmospheric lighting and rotating roof slats activated with one click of the remote control will make the control of your home space much more convenient. Aluminium structure and the highest quality materials will allow you to enjoy your pergola for many years!


10. Fastwire Contour Speed string plotter

MEGAPLOT J. Wójcicki, M. Jagła Sp. j.

The XTR Contour SPEED series devices presented this year at BUDMA fair are new products in the market, but at the same time they are creatively improve our proven technology that we have been successfully offering to our customers for several years. XTR Contour SPEED devices are created on the basis of XTR PRO series string plotters, but they include many unique, completely new solutions: tiltable string (additional axis) for cutting material with the string tilted relative to the material by up to 10 degrees for quick and precise cutting, e.g. to reflect roof slopes; new version of the control software introducing integration with external control systems and providing the compatibility with requirements of Industry 4.0; improved mechanical design and completely new servo drives for doubling cutting speeds while increasing accuracy and quality with better acceleration and braking parameters; automatic rotary table controlled by the software for precise material rotation between two independent cutting processes; software for designing roofing slope solutions with wool and PIR. Very attractive price-to-performance ratio will enable even small companies to become independent from larger suppliers and foam-cutting plants.


11. Air Box recuperator


Air Box recuperator with a capacity of 500 m3/h (at 200 Pa). Innovative casing made of EPP ensures heat recovery efficiency of up to 95% at a temperature of 60°C at the place of installation of the recuperator.


12. Reinforcing meshes made of TROKOTEX composites

Trokotex Polymer Group Sp. z o.o.

TROKOTEX composite meshes are reinforcement twice as strong as steel. Fiberglass reinforcement from the ONLY Polish manufacturer ensures stability on the Polish construction market. Due to their properties and strength parameters, they have a very wide range of applications. They are an excellent replacement for traditional steel meshes and dispersed reinforcement. Their target market is the construction industry. They are used primarily to strengthen reinforced concrete elements – screeds, floors, walls and floors. The choice of non-metallic reinforcement is intended to increase the strength of the structure and the substrate, provide anti-shrinkage properties and protection of any underfloor heating. Weight and related construction costs may be reduced by using a mesh with a smaller rod diameter.


13.  Smart NEO Inowa

Fabryka Okien i Drzwi Mirox Sp. z o.o.

Open a new chapter of comfort with SMART NEO INOWA – a perfect mix of elegance, innovation and functionality! It's not just a door, but a gateway to bringing more light into your life. Minimalist design and large glazing will enliven your interior. New energy-saving glass guarantees excellent insulation, reducing heating costs. The innovative closing mechanism ensures peace of mind and security. Invest in comfort, design and innovation. Give your home the best solutions!


14. Skyproof standing seam panel system

Skyproof Company srl/GARDA METAL WORKS POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

The Skyproof panel system is an innovative approach to traditional standing seam technology. The main advantage of the system is its internal drainage channel, which eliminates the risk of water ingress into the building. Additionally, the use of a sliding connection of panels allows the sheets to move between each other, which completely removes the problem of internal stresses and deformations. The system offers panel lengths that match the roof surface.


15. ZigZak Mobile Walls

VITRINTEC Sp. z o.o.

ZigZak, the innovative mobile walls from Vitrintec, received the prestigious German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design - Building and Elements category. This award confirms the unique design and functionality of the walls that meet the highest industry standards. ZigZak mobile walls are designed as a manual or semi-automatic solution, consisting of glass modules, solid or mixed (glass and opaque modules). The flexibility of the system also allows user to replace one of the modules with a single-leaf door. When a smart LCD foil is installed in the ZigZak system, it is also possible to modify the level of transparency of the glass wall. Visit www.vitrintec.pl and get more information on ZigZak mobile walls to adapt the space to your individual needs in no time.




Termoton P+W 25 Diament Plus S is the most innovative and warmest block in the ceramic industry, warmer than competitive products by up to 55%. This is a real phenomenon in construction industry, proving that a Polish product can also be perfect. The block has above-average parameters, in particular low water absorption and high strength, as well as a thermal conductivity coefficient of λ = 0.158 W/(mK), unprecedented in Poland.


Pruszyński Sp. z o.o.

PRUSZYŃSKI PANEL PANEL WINDBREAKERS provide aesthetic finish to any roof surface. Machine-embossed guarantees shape repeatability and reduces assembly time on the construction site. They fit all steel roofing products and heavy roofing.

18. Living ivy panel

Investment Trading Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Evergreen ivy screens are not only an ecological but also very functional solution. These fully natural and ready-to-install fencing systems perfectly match current trends. Their rapidly growing popularity is not surprising. Their main advantage is an attractive, eye-pleasing design and ecological character. A single screen absorbs as much as 20 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, while producing up to 15 kg of oxygen. The ease of care and above-average durability of ivy screens (the frame is made of a strong, galvanized, then powder-coated mesh) make them a modern, stylish and pro-ecological solution.

Traditionally - a 'Consumers' Choice' award will also be given. Votes can be cast at: https://zaglosuj.mtp.pl/pl/wybor_konsumentow-glosowanie/403


List of winners of the MTP Group Gold Medal for the INTERMASZ 2024 trade fair:

1. Kramer 5095 wheel loader

Kramer-Werke GmbH / HKL Baumaschinen Polska Sp. z o.o.

Kramer 5095 is a machine that impresses with dynamic all-wheel drive and high payload. All swivel wheels and a fixed frame allow the machine to move in any terrain, ensuring high efficiency, manoeuvrability and unprecedented stability. Its modern drive unit meets the latest exhaust emission standards only using an oxidation catalytic converter and DPF. There is no need to use the AdBlue additive, which significantly simplifies the exhaust gas treatment system. The 5095 model may be used with buckets from 0.95 m³ to 1.5 m³, while maintaining a low construction height, which is unique among machines of this size. The cabin with 360º field of view is another big advantage of this machine. From the driver's seat to the steering wheel, every detail has been consistently tailored to the operator's needs. The result is maximum comfort, optimal ergonomics and functionality. In addition, large glazed areas ensure the operator always has an unobstructed view of the additional equipment.

2. Jekko JF235 mini crane

Jekko Polska Sp. z o.o.

Discover JEKKO JF235, the mini crane of the future! Compact yet powerful, with a lifting capacity ideal for tight spaces. Advanced features, high manoeuvrability and safety guarantee efficiency on any construction site. JEKKO JF235 is synonymous with mobility and versatility - the perfect choice for modern engineering.

In addition to being recognised in the Gold Medal poll - the products are also competing for the "Consumers' Choice" award. Votes can be cast at: https://zaglosuj.mtp.pl/pl/wybor_konsumentow-glosowanie/404

The awarded products come from various categories, from construction tools, through construction materials, to modern technologies. This makes the competition a comprehensive review of industry achievements, inspiring further development and the search for innovative solutions. The MTP Group Gold Medal not only appreciates the present, but also shapes the future, promoting technological development, sustainable construction and effective solutions in the field of construction. All the above-mentioned products will be available for viewing during the next edition of the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair on January 30 - February 2, 2024 at the Poznań International Fair.