Exhibitor of the BUDMA fair - TKZ Polná - production tradition for 112 years


The Czech company TKZ is a recognized and world-renowned manufacturer of hinge systems for doors and windows. Thanks to over 100 years of history, attention to high quality and implementation of innovations, they are a sought-after partner for door and window manufacturers, as well as sellers of building materials. The production area is over 10,000 m2 and allows the use of a wide range of machines, from conventional machine tools to the most modern robotic workplaces. All products are manufactured according to European standards and tested by accredited certification bodies.

PRODUCTS offered by TKZ Polná

1. TUKAN product line

TKZ‘s TUKAN product line has won over customers for many years with reliable features that meet the highest technological and functional requirements. Two- and three part dril-in hinges are characterized by a very strong and stable attachment, which guarantees a load capacity of up to 60 kg. The sliding sleeve on the pin and the ball ensure maintenance-free, easy rotation of the hinge.





2. TRIO product line

TKZ TRIO product line – three-dimensional design of two-part drill-in hinges facilitating the adjustment of the door leaf in three directions. This variant allows you to set the height and position of the door leaf ± 2 mm. Thanks to its technological characteristics it is possible to achieve a load capacity of up to 150 kg.





3. ESPRIT product line

TKZ ESPRIT product line – a completely concealed hinge system enabling complete recessing of unrebated doors and their integration into rooms designed with straight lines. ESPRIT can be used on wooden, steel and aluminium door frames. Three-dimensional adjustment technology is used for high-quality residential doors. Tested for 200,000 maintenance-free cycles. The hinge is classified in load class 10, and when using the anti-burglar lock, in safety class RC2.





4. GEMMA product line

TKZ GEMMA product line – hinge solutions ideal for first-class timber entrance doors, meeting all modern requirements for design, architecture and security, and offering a number of tech-nical advantages. For many architects, developers and manufacturing companies, wood is still a preferred and popular material for entrance doors in private, public and commercial buildings. The system is noted for its quiet operation and reliability even in intensive use.





5. TKZ Replik product line

TKZ Replik product line – for many years, conservationists and architects have appreciated our help in tackling the reconstruction of historic buildings through sets of window and door replicas indistinguishable from the originals.



The best innovations and technologies characterize TKZ Polná! You will be able to get to know specialists in this field better and get acquainted with the detailed offer during the Budma 2024 Fair!