BUDMA 2025: Responding to the challenges of modern construction industry


Preparations are underway for the next edition of the BUDMA Trade Fair—one of the most important international meetings in the construction industry in Europe. The event's theme will focus on three key areas, crucial in light of existing and upcoming EU regulations: energy efficiency, prefabrication, and green architecture. These topics reflect global trends and challenges facing modern construction, emphasizing innovation, sustainability, and ecology.

budma 2025

BUDMA 2025, which will take place in Poznań from February 11-14, 2025, will be a platform for presenting the latest proposals from producers and distributors in the construction and architectural industry. As every year, the four days of the fair will feature market premieres, product novelties, and events addressing the most current issues in the construction industry.

Energy Efficiency in Construction within the TERMOMODERNIZACJA Project

In the face of rising energy costs and the necessity to reduce CO2 emissions, effective energy management is becoming a priority. At BUDMA 2025, within the specially arranged TERMOMODERNIZACJA Zone, the latest technologies and solutions from manufacturers that help achieve these goals will be showcased. Exhibitors will present innovative insulation systems, energy-efficient windows, smart building management systems, and renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels and heat pumps. Conferences and seminars dedicated to this topic will allow participants to gain knowledge about the latest regulations, standards, and best practices in energy efficiency.

There will also be discussions on the modernization and renovation of buildings, reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, and recycling construction waste, which will be presented within the TERMOMODERNIZACJA project.

termomodernizacja - targi budma 2025

All About Prefabrication at PREFTEC

PREFTEC – the Center for Modern Prefabrication promises to be the largest presentation in Poland of the latest product and technological solutions in a wide range of wooden, steel, and concrete prefabrication as an integral part of the construction of the future.

Thanks to prefabrication, the production of ready-made, repeatable building elements outside the construction site, the process of assembling them at the final location is much faster, involving "only" the assembly of the object from previously prepared parts. In the era of significant labor shortages on construction sites, the solution in the form of prefabricated or modular buildings is increasingly being practiced. Are such buildings simultaneously in line with expectations for energy efficiency and eco-construction principles? Answers to these and many other questions, as well as a wide presentation of production technologies and the use of prefabrication elements from concrete, wood, or steel, can be found at the February edition of the BUDMA fair. According to the organizers of the PREFTEC project, examples of ready-made building modules and a village of prefabricated houses will be on display in the fair halls.

Prefabrykacja - targi budma 2025

Green Architecture as the Main Theme of the ARCHI_STRADA Project

Green architecture, combining aspects of ecology, aesthetics, and functionality, will be one of the main highlights of the BUDMA 2025 program. The growing ecological awareness of investors and end customers forces architects to design buildings that are not only visually attractive but also in line with the idea of sustainable development and a circular economy.

During next year's edition of the BUDMA fair, projects that integrate greenery with architecture will be presented. These will include green roofs that revolutionize prefabricated construction by combining ecology with modernity, plant cascades on building facades, and rain gardens. Exhibitors will also present modern building materials made from recycled materials and innovative technologies supporting sustainable development. Special discussion panels and presentations dedicated to green architecture will enable the exchange of experiences and ideas among architects, designers, and investors.

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"BUDMA 2025 will be a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and technologies in construction. Energy efficiency, prefabrication, and green architecture are the themes that will dominate next year's edition, responding to the challenges of the modern world and indicating the directions in which the construction industry is developing. Fair participants will have the opportunity to make valuable contacts, gain new knowledge, and be inspired by innovative solutions that can revolutionize the future of construction," says Marta Szydłowska, director of the BUDMA fair.

In the coming weeks, we will reveal more details about the events that will take place during BUDMA 2025. You can follow them on our website and social media, where we will also present the registered exhibitors and the novelties they are preparing. Stay tuned!