Marta Szydłowska - Director of BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair

Are leaders in the construction and architecture sector ready to exploit the full potential of the industry changing dynamics and continue to grow? Destabilisation in global markets, rising inflation, rising raw material prices, high employment costs and problems related to credit availability have triggered turbulence in the construction market. Further factors such as the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis are also coming into play, directly affecting investment and consumer behaviour. In addition, technological progress, increased competition and the demand for shorter implementation periods of  construction projects are slowly but surely beginning to transform the construction sector into more open to digitalisation processes. The current condition of the economy requires representatives of the construction industry to be well prepared and adapt quickly to the emerging challenges.

The situation is deteriorating, not only in Poland but also across Europe and in many countries worldwide. However, there is no way out: whoever wants to sell must have customers, whereas at the time when the number of such customers has fallen sharply on the domestic market, it is necessary to explore less well-recognised or even previously underserved markets, e.g. those perceived as niche so far, where the low price is not a contractual prerequisite (or the current high exchange rate at least partially covers the effects of the downturn on the domestic market). So, where these “new customers” should be searched?

There are many solutions and one can wonder for a long time which of them will produce the expected results, but one of the most effective is certainly the fair: here it is virtually guaranteed that among thousands of visitors who come in search of inspiration and knowledge about the latest technologies, there will be those who are determined to buy specific products. Another option is that, thanks to our presence at the fair, we will be noticed by a customer not yet familiar with our entire range of products. Activities such as: innovation in products and services, new distribution channels or promotion, will require even more commitment in order to compete successfully on export markets. As trade fair organisers, we initiate meetings and exchange of experience, support communication and constantly seek global solutions that further drive business development. Trade fairs provide space for development and a comfortable environment for direct communication. This is also the case with BUDMA, which has been the most important event in Poland for integrating the international construction community for more than 30 years.

Summing up, the question can be asked: who will best cope with the difficulties in the market? The answer is not simple, and I have no doubt that entrepreneurs are intensively searching for solutions to help them go through the coming crisis more smoothly. However, they certainly include companies that will increase their customer portfolio and at the same time optimise production costs, which are not so easy to control. BUDMA will provide an excellent opportunity to establish new global contacts, while conferences and industry debates will provide the opportunity to discuss optimisation, as will the range of machines, tools and components for the production of joinery and facades, i.e. the WinDoor-tech fair taking place at the same time. You are already invited to attend both events.


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Marta Szydłowska - Director of BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair

Since October 2021, she has been acting in the capacity of BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair director. Previously, she was responsible, also as a director, among others, for the STONE stone industry fair and the GLASS glass industry fair. She has been cooperating with the MTP Group since 2008 and has been directly involved with the construction fair team for more than seven years.