Architecture towards pleasure


'Architecture towards pleasure' is one of the topics of the D&A Design and Architecture Forum, which will take place as part of The BUDMA 2020 Trade Fair. The issues of housing availability and 'Open city, friendly city' will also be addressed.

The D&A Design and Architecture Forum is a two-day meeting platform for architects and designers with the construction industry, organized during the BUDMA trade fair, the largest construction trade fair in the CEE.

D&A Forum allows for a wider context for the activities of these professional groups in a common space. In 2020, in the fair most recognizable pavilion - the MTP Spire - the theme of accessible and friendly architecture, not only in the design aspect but also in social and environmental terms will be addressed.

Reflection on the transformation of architecture, its aspirations in collision with the challenges of the modern world, goes much further, including public institutions, officials, specialists dealing with climate, culture and social problems. The Budma construction fair is a meeting place for the entire construction sector and an excellent opportunity to talk about the direction of development and the common future of various professional groups that affect the appearance, functionality and accessibility of emerging buildings and infrastructure. Presentation of interesting architectural designs, urban solutions, social programs and global trends in the area of ​​planning human-friendly spaces will be the axis of the D&A Forum.

During the debates, the most important issues related to the social role of architecture will be addressed - on the one hand, the creation of facilities and public areas conducive to integration and allowing their pleasant use by residents, on the other hand, the availability of housing. The voice of not only architects, representatives of public administration, sociologists and social activists, but also business representatives is important here.

A novelty of the D&A Forum will be workshops led by recognized creators and scientists, in which young architects, designers and students will participate.

Participation in the forum is free for architects, designers, designers and architecture students.