Products awarded with the Gold Medal 2022


See the products and solutions that set the trends in construction in 2022! The Gold Medal Award of the BUDMA 2022 fair is not only prestigious but above all a guarantee of innovation and high-quality materials, confirmed by a jury composed of outstanding specialists in the construction industry! During the BUDMA fair, products awarded with the Gold Medal are distinguished in a special way, and you can talk about their exceptional parameters with representatives of companies at the fair stands.


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Alusky aluminium roof window is a new product on the roof window market. It is a solution for demanding investors in Poland and abroad, for whom high product quality, durability and functionality are important. Our products are an example of combining the properties of construction and double glazing to create windows with a very low thermal transmittance of Uw=0.8 W/m2K. Their structure is based on multi-chamber profiles filled with thermal insulation on the outside and inside. As standard, the window has also been fitted with a triple glazing packet, and the use of four gaskets resistant to UV rays and low temperature ensures excellent tightness.

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Asta modular stairs

Choosing the internal staircase for your house is a very serious and binding decision for years. Asta is a modular staircase unlike any other. Characterised by simplicity that gives the interior character and minimalism that will also work well outside. The stairs' greatest advantage is their modular construction, which, thanks to numerous variants, can be used in almost any situation. You can choose from 14 platforms and quarter-turn stair configurations, as well as 5 types of railings. Flexibility in configuring the stairs, their resistance to weather conditions and attractive design, are the most common reasons why customers choose this product. Whether installed in a house or in a commercial building, the Asta staircase will provide a safe and attractive connection to the upper floor..

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Solvent-free, cold applied HYPERDESMO COLD CURE POLYUREA 2K ZERO

The world is moving towards a green future. The alarming forecasts for climate change mean that the liquid waterproofing producers industry also has to change. These changes do not have to be to the detriment of quality and durability - on the contrary! HYPERDESMO COLD CURE POLYUREA-2K ZERO proves it. No solvent content, trace VOC content, 100% solids content and barely perceptible odour and yet easy application, fast setting and highest durability class!

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Como modular steel tiles

The Como modular flat roof tile is a product that completely changes the approach to roof aesthetics. Breaking new ground in the production process has allowed Como to implement a number of proprietary patented solutions, which have contributed spectacularly to the roof tiles final appearance as well as their ease of installation. This makes Como a unique product, setting new trends in the roofing market. Como is the future of roof aesthetics!

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Panel wood door

Are you looking for a door that will emphasise the beauty of your house me and be easy to operate at the same time? If so, then panel wood doors will be a perfect choice. They are fully automated, and innovative solutions applied, such as fingerprint access control, will ensure security. Careful workmanship, together with the best oak wood, will certainly satisfy the most demanding customers.

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Door made using the Absiglass technology - a new generation construction material

The door produced using our proprietary Absiglass technology has been developed with the future in mind. Regardless of whether you look at it in terms of ecology or your electricity bill. In each of these aspects, the door wins, whether through the use of recyclable materials or by moving away from wood and ending up with no heat transfer to the outside of the building, which effectively reduces the amount of energy required to heat a room or the entire house. In addition, thanks to the polymers used, we have created a door that is completely insensitive to the surroundings. No matter whether you want to install it in Yakutsk, where severe frosts will try to get in its way, or whether you are thinking of beach areas where salt and sand in combination with temperature have already beaten down many a door. Our doors using the Absiglass technology are unafraid of any adversary, no matter whether it is the weather or an intruder, as they are also burglar-proof certified.

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Modern PREDATOR external doors are made of unique, specially selected oak veneer with large colour discolouration, knots, gloss, natural cracks and cavities in wood in form of larger or smaller holes, which are often filled with black decorative mass, which is additionally brushed. All this contributes to the unique character of this door, which has its own unique and exceptional structure.

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Modern VINTAGE external doors are made of unique, specially selected oak veneer with large colour discolouration, knots, gloss, natural cracks and cavities in wood in form of larger or smaller holes, which are often filled with black decorative mass, which is additionally brushed. All this contributes to the unique character of this door, which has its own unique and exceptional structure.

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Flexible cover for Gamma series luminaires

Our luminaires cover is a modern and designer interior design element that allows you to create light lines on ceilings and walls. The innovative technology providing flexibility allows for easy cutting to the desired shape in contrast to the hard, non-flexible covers of the competition. The product is sold on a roll in the length required by the customer and not in straight lengths of a few metres, which makes it possible to join the cover in the required places and not in the places imposed by production cuts. An absolutely unique feature of the cover is the lack of light leaks, i.e. visible individual LED spots. The low price combined with a wide range of possibilities of arranging the cover masking profile in interiors is the reason why our customers, architects and contractors choose the product more and more often as a perfect finish for any interior.

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Energeto Neo - The Window of the Future

The minimalist shape of the building, simple forms of furniture and open space full of light – it is the concept of a Bauhaus style house. It is the style that inspired the creators of the Energeto Neo window system, who worked for hand in hand with engineers and designers to create timeless windows and doors. Energeto Neo windows are characterized by strong angles and geometric architecture. It is a simple, symmetrical, cubist system. If we add to this shape excellent thermal insulation parameters and meet the challenges of sustainable development – we get windows perfectly fitting into living rooms, lobbies and bedrooms, and all other interiors where minimalist DESIGN meets modern TECHNOLOGY.

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Grenton Multisensor

Multisensor is an innovative product that extends the capabilities of the Grenton Smart Home System. It is a set of multiple sensors in a single device that monitor key building parameters and integrate with home appliances. It allows you to monitor, among other things, the level of humidity, CO2 or noise on a regular basis, and you can quickly detect possible problems. Its elegant design fits into any modern interior. Multifunctional, intuitive in use, compact – these are the greatest advantages of the product.

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Innovative software for the real-time recalculation of optimization algorithms in the cutting and processing centre for PVC profiles

SC-220/40 with re-optimization technology. The technology is an advanced algorithm that allows recalculation and analysis of the cutting list in order to use profiles that are different length production waste (not necessarily useful waste). The principle of the software operation is to constantly analyse and rebuild the prepared optimisation in real-time in order to use waste profiles not included in the original optimisation.

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The new multifunctional sealing tape with integrated foil barrier ISO-BLOCO HYBRATEC is equipped with hybrid technology. This technology combines air and rain tightness as attributes of the foil with the flexibility and movement absorbing capacity of a highly MF 1 tested and certified multifunctional tape. With the coefficient a=0.00 m3, the tape in the inner area is 100% airtight and therefore ensures no heat loss. In the functional area, it has high thermal and sound insulation values and is resistant to driving rain (1,050 Pa) in the external area.

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Kiilto KeraPro

Single-component, quick-drying, new generation rubber-based waterproofing membrane. Reinforced with microfibre. Easy to apply by hand and by spraying. For internal wet rooms. The final thickness of the membrane can be measured without damaging the coating. Machine application allows the work to be completed within 1 hour (no need to wait for the previous layer to dry). CE marking, ETA approval, low VOC emissions. Scandinavian M1 approval.

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AIR JET 125 and 160 gravity ventilation chimney

The AIR JET 125 and 160 gravity ventilation chimney is made of polypropylene with the addition of UV, coloured in mass. Designed by Łukasiewicz - Aviation Institute, specialists in flow optimization in aircraft. Performance refined to perfection - Łukasiewicz Aviation Institute. 100% tight with the most favourable top air outlet. Double condensation control inside the chimney: condensation drainage, PUR foam insulation with a coefficient of 0.025 W/mK. Independent spirit level for the correct levelling of the chimney on the roof. Easy and quick to install by roofers.

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GreenView FTP-X P50 roof window

The FAKRO greenView line roof window is a new standard for new times. The window has been designed with the environment, climate and future generations in mind. New construction solutions and the applied modifications impact its high thermal insulation. Specially developed P50 glazing package increases safety, the comfort of living and use of the window. The new design of the metal flashing and a modern handle complete the product so that it can face the rapidly changing weather conditions. GreenView from FAKRO is a modern and aesthetic roof window, through which you will be able to enjoy a green view for many years

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IRON Click roof panel

The IRON Click roof panel IRON is a modern, innovative premium class product. IRON Click, like all Budmat company products, is characterized by unprecedented aesthetics and precision of workmanship, attention to detail, and unique appearance, all thanks to the original technical solutions applied. Dedicated flashings, many finishing variants and a rich colour palette make it easy to match the properties of the panels to the character of the building and the customer's taste and needs.

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The WoolMaster series stringer cutting machine for cutting mineral wool (glass and stone) roof pitches

The WoolMaster devices are based on the XTR PRO series string plotters; however, they have unique features that enable customers to quickly and accurately cut mineral wool roof pitches. Thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio, even small companies are now able to cut the increasingly popular stone wool roof pitches themselves - something they previously had to outsource to large companies using much more expensive production lines.

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T35KD fixed smoke curtain

Fixed smoke curtains from Blachy Pruszyński company are used in large spaces such as warehouse halls or shopping centres. They control a spreading fire by accumulating smoke and gases with a temperature exceeding 600oC. T35KD curtains are a permanent element of the gravitational smoke removal system – type SSB. This type of solution is intended to improve the natural draught in the lower parts of buildings. They are installed in load-bearing and non-load-bearing steel structures of buildings. The curtains are manufactured from trapezoidal sheets with the steel grade of S250GD as a minimum, 0.60 mm thick, and covered on both sides with an organic polyester coating with a maximum thickness of 35 µm.

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STORK by Filstone

STORK (stone + cork) is a sustainable solution that combines the different characteristics of both natural materials. Compared to a conventional solution, STORK makes it possible to double the amount of stone used and, consequently, reduce the amount of waste generated in natural stone processing. The combination of stone and cork, in addition to thermal and acoustic insulation, makes it possible to reduce the stone's own weight by more than 50%. STORK can be used in ventilated facades, floors, interior cladding, interior furniture and doors.

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STRAMA PANELS Interior Design

STRAMA PANELS Interior Design wall panels are an ideal product for use in modular and timber-frame construction, perfect for walls, ceilings as well as attics. The available wide range of veneer patterns and colours gives a unique opportunity to vary the image of the interior and give it a unique, exclusive character. STRAMA PANELS are a top quality product, functional and easy to install, serving both construction and finishing functions.

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DEIMIC ONE Smart Home System v3.0

The DEIMIC ONE Smart Home System version 3.0 is revolutionary wired building automation. Its task is to communicate all the smaller electrical systems in the house with each other. This provides the household members with exceptional convenience and living comfort. We are the only solution on the market that allows home users to easily control all system functions via a mobile app. Thanks to the device's compact design, you also do not need a lot of space in the electrical switchboard.

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The NIAGARA KWADRATOWA metal gutter system is a complete drainage system. The modern shape of the gutter system perfectly complements modernist buildings. It was created with aesthetics, functionality, but above all durability in mind. The system impresses not only with its excellent technical parameters but also with its visual aspects. NIAGARA KWADRATOWA - ULTIMATE NIAGARA - means ULTIMATE QUALITY

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The K-600 A trowel with battery power supply is a modern and unique solution in the industry on a global scale. The independence from the power source and the absence of a power cable makes the operator's work easier and faster. The fully charged battery makes it possible to finish 300 m2 of flooring, and the maximum charging time is 2.5 - 3 hours. The quick-change battery allows continuous operation with breaks between one battery change and another. The battery is made in li-ion technology and features current and thermal protection. Such a design of the battery provides sufficient current capacity, and the absence of the so-called memory effect ensures long and trouble-free operation. The K-600 A trowel has the option of smooth speed control during operation. The machine is equipped with a soft start system which minimizes the dynamic and current loads during start-up and significantly increases the lifetime and trouble-free operation of the trowel.

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BOLT 7000 tank

BOLT 7000 is an underground, pressureless tank made of polyethene, manufactured in roto moulding technology, designed for storing rainwater or sewage, and for rainwater retention and recovery. The flat construction and, consequently, low height of the tank ensure its easy assembly, while the specially selected shape and ribbing of the side walls provide high strength in the ground. The tank has an integrated rainwater pre-treatment system and the possibility of easy collection of collected rainwater.

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JCB 19C-1E electric mini excavator

JCB is a leader in clean technology and the reduction of harmful emissions. That is why JCB has introduced E-TEC, a new generation of electric products with zero on-site emissions that do not compromise performance. The new 19C-1E mini-excavator is the industry's first all-electric mini-excavator. It allows you to work all day on a single charge, offering access to a whole new world of possibilities.

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