2nd edition of the Poland-Ukraine Construction Convention at the BUDMA 2024 fair


The 32nd edition of the BUDMA fair is ahead of us, which has been one of the most important European business meetings in the construction and architecture industry for years. The BUDMA fair will be accompanied by the Poland-Ukraine Construction Convention, which is a meeting of representatives of the construction industry from Europe, devoted exclusively to construction issues in the general reconstruction plan of Ukraine. The convention aims to discuss the economic situation of Ukraine, the state of its construction and infrastructure, and to present concepts and systemic issues regarding the reconstruction of Ukraine.

This is the second edition of the convention, which is a continuation of the substantive discussion on the opportunities and threats for Polish construction companies planning to participate in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Among many conferences and congresses devoted to Ukraine after the end of hostilities, this event stands out for its specific thematic profile, i.e. concentration on the area of construction: roads, railways, energy and environmental construction, residential and industrial construction, materials, machines and construction equipment.

During the Convention, experts and speakers will talk "without political correctness" about real opportunities and threats for Polish construction companies looking for space on the Ukrainian market. Legal restrictions, problems resulting from the lack of transparency and the general socio-economic and political situation in Ukraine will be discussed. They will also present the principles of operation of the investment market and their implementation, problems of the labor market in Ukraine, material and machine resources, etc.

Important aspects of the debates will be not only international competitiveness and barriers in access to the Ukrainian construction market, but also sources of investment financing and insurance instruments supporting domestic companies by the Polish government.

The Convention will be attended by construction market experts in Poland and Ukraine, representatives of the government and local governments of Ukraine, Ukrainian and international investors, construction companies and organizations from Ukraine, and Polish government institutions and agencies supporting Poland's participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The convention will be held on January 31, 2024 at the Poznań Congress Center at the Poznań International Fair. Ticket sales for the event will start soon.





Official opening. Speeches by Honorary Guests representing Poland and Ukraine.


  • Geopolitical and socio-economic conditions for the development of cooperation between Poland and Ukraine.
  • Analysis of the economic situation of Ukraine. Summary of the current PL-UA economic cooperation and prospects for real changes.


  • Assessment of current cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in the field of construction - examples of successfully implemented projects and barriers to cooperation.
  • Possibilities of expanding cooperation in the segments of management, design and comprehensive execution of construction investments.
  • Assessment of opportunities to accelerate the reform of economic law in Ukraine, affecting, among others, for investing and implementing investments by Polish and foreign entities.
12:30-12:45 Coffee break
  • Analysis of Ukraine's specific needs strictly in the area of construction and infrastructure. Do we have full competences to operate in this sector in Ukraine?
  • Is it worth it, can we afford it and do we have the human, equipment and material resources to enter the Ukrainian market?
  • Competition of foreign companies against Polish construction companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine.
  • The ability and tendency of Polish entities to create and participate in international consortiums.
  • Analysis of the benefits and risks of operating in Ukraine in the context of the economic situation on the Polish construction investment market and the opportunities for expansion of Polish construction sector companies to other European markets.
14:15-15:00 Lunch break


  • Government and systemic financial support instruments for Polish companies in achieving business goals in Ukraine - grants, loans, insurance guarantees, etc.
  • International financial resources, including but not limited to: support from the European Union program "Ukraine Facility" for the years 2024-2028 - the possibility of obtaining them by Polish investors of the company.
  • The concept of rebuilding Ukraine - assessment of Ukraine's own capabilities, priorities and their location in the short and medium term.
  • Competitiveness of foreign capital. Is there a chance for Ukraine's full partnership and transparency of cooperation with international capital and foreign entities, including Poland?


Summary and conclusion of the convention