10th Polish Woodwork Congress – best experts and talks about the future of the woodwork industry


On 23-24 May 2019 at the Warszawianka**** Hotel n Jachranka, the 10th Polish Woodwork Congress will be held. The event, organized by the POiD Association (Polish Window and Door Association), is the most important event in the woodwork industry in Poland that allows us to determine the directions of further development of the sector. It will be done through discussions with the participation of top experts, including Witold Jankowski, PhD, Editor in Chief of the "Harvard Business Review Polska" magazine, President of the Board of ICAN Institute.

The event comprises three theme blocks. The first of them: "Industry 4.0 in the Woodwork Industry" will be dedicated to the discussion of issues related to the fourth industrial revolution. It will be attended e.g. by Andrzej Soldaty, Leader of the Platform of the Future Project at the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. SMART solutions will be the topic of discussions as part of the second theme block: "SMART Woodwork - The Future of the Industry. Global Trends, Manufacturer - Retail Outlets, Installation."It will be opened by a lecture by Robert Konieczny, a world famous architect, head of the KWK Promes studio.
During the second day of the Congress the third theme block will be discussed, namely "How to Sell More and More Expensive When Your Smartphone Becomes Your Salesperson?", which will be led by Łukasz Srokowski, PhD, from the Millenials Institute. The panel will explain e.g how woodwork manufacturers can effectively sell their products to younger generations.
The Congress will also include an evening Gala, which will be an excellent opportunity to present industry awards.
We encourage you to take part in the 10th Polish Woodwork Congress.